• We love our goats, and living the country lifestyle. Try our goat cheese, so creamy, so rich, so good!

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    Mission: All natural goat husbandry and crop management
    Cherry Fork, Ohio

    The JZN Goat Farm is owned and managed by an Adams County resident who grew up is Winchester, Ohio. The JZN Goat Farm was conceived by Gayla Fritzhand with the help of her sons Jeremy, Zachary, and Nicholas.

    Gayla's goats are groomed daily and fed on her custom blend of local grains. They browse on rich lespedeza, a legume, and she milks all the girls twice a day and keeps their housing in tiptop cleanliness. She is the only licensed natural cheese manufacturer in the region. She studied the art of farmstead and artisan cheese making with Peter Dixon, a well known Vermont cheese maker. Please call 937-544-6735 to talk to Gayla about current cheese availability. We ship all across the country!!


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    Gayla Fritzhand

    Chief Goat Officer
    Gayla grew up in Winchester where she enjoyed and thrived on the country life.  On her family's farm, she learned the type of work needed to operate it successfully.  She enjoyed taking care of her animals and seeing the fruits of her labor. Her career as a Registered Nurse helps remind her of the importance of cleanliness and proper diet for her goats and she practices goat husbandry at the highest standard.

    • The JZN Goat Farm is a sustainably-managed farm located in Cherry Fork, Ohio. We offer educational tours regarding all aspects of goat husbandry. During various seasons of the year (except winter), visitors have a chance to view wildlife and vegetation in its most beautiful form. When spring arrives the woodland flowers begin to bloom.
    • Guests can enjoy hiking across our 126 acres of rolling farmland, featuring wooded areas, winding creeks, two springs, and a pond. The property features a bank barn built in the late 1800s, a buckhouse, a cheese house used for the manufacture and aging of the cheese, the original chicken coop, and a spring house which has been remodeled to protect our underground spring.
    • Please remember the JZN Farm is a working farm and we cannot accommodate visitors without an appointment!


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